The problem with the deagle

As much as I like powerful weapons you can unlock, the Deagle is just a step or two too far. For starters, it can two-tap kill with BODY shots, not headshots just body shots and its firing rate is better than a shotgun. Its range is also relatively good and it can clip someone from down a long hallway. All these combined make it OP and just outright broken to fight against. I think there is an easy solution of making it take 4 shots to the body and 2 to the head similar to the Eagle 3000 which is an ideal more nerfed version of the Deagle, which is dumb because it undervalues the people who bought the pre-access who get a crappier version of the Deagle despite being the primary funding for the game development, not to mention they could’ve already had it if the devs hadn’t decided to reset the XP before release. In the end, it’s an overpowered gun that by just nerfing the damage and maybe lengthening the reload speed would make it better for anyone else playing against it.

I find ironic on this same forum there is someone complaining about the Eagle needing to be buffed.

I mean if we compared the Deagle to the Eagle 3000 it’s a crappy gift to the pre-access but if the deagle is nerfed it would fix both of those issues.

Eagle 3000 being a 2 shot to the head is incredibly unreliable due to the fact that avatar accessories block headshots and count as regular shots. Imagine shooting someone with like, an animal head on. You cannot get a headshot due to it being blocked by said accessories. So in reality it is a consistent 6 shot weapon.

To test this you can simply shoot anyone first on their actual avatar head and then a head accessory, hitmarker will go red if it is a headshot and white if a standard hit.

Still doesn’t change the fact that the Deagle is 2 shots to kill for body shots.

The deagle will be nerfed in the Friday update. The Eagle 3000 was buffed in Area - 51: Uprising v1.2.0 Changelog.

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