Gamepass Suggestion

Bring back the minigun from the original version of Area-51 as it was a pretty hefty price game pass and it has not been refunded in anyway such as a different game pass or what not.

There are no refunds now and there haven’t been refunds previously.
Source: Area - 51: Uprising Rules & Regulations

Hello yes I am entirely not on about robux refunds im mainly wanting to know why the minigun has not been transferred over into the redux and by refund (sorry for the confusion on the way I worded it) i mean if there was reasons why the minigun was not brought over couldn’t of the people that owned the gamepass had it changed into something else such as a smaller weapon or something of the sorts.

I see. Well, that’s a question I can’t answer. I’ll let a developer know about this question, maybe they can answer it for you.
Cc: @UserAltF4

We will be compensating all gamepasses lost in the transition via the in game credits system. The minigun, specifically, wasn’t transferred because it was quite overpowered and harmful to the player experience.

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Oh? strange one guy said he bought old IA and got it ingame somehow

Im sorry but i got to disagree, its just too powerfull a tool, Besides its better if you just Train your Aiming and moving around and just basicly learn skill of shooting and dodging bullets, not meaning you are bad just saying game be unfair play if minigun users are there, maby if they ever do a refund maby it be invested in a team or some other weapon or pass

The old IA gamepass did transfer to the new game.