Area - 51: Uprising Rules & Regulations


This post has been laid out in order to detail the rules and regulations of Area - 51: Uprising . We enlist a team of moderators who actively patrol the game in order to help us enforce these rules. Breaking these rules may result in punishment against your account in our experience, or even a ban from our experience, depending on the severity. The rules are as follows;

The Rules

  1. Follow Roblox’s Terms of Use! These rules apply to every game on the platform. This means obeying the chat filter, wearing appropriate clothing/accessories, and being respectful to other players. Breaking the Terms of Use can result in your Roblox account being terminated. You can read Roblox’s Terms of Use here .
  2. Do not advertise your products within our experience. If you want to promote your product, you can use the built-in system provided by Roblox.
  3. Do not attempt to impersonate any members of our moderation team for any reason. If you really want to be a moderator, you can apply using the social links below our game.
  4. Keep the chat civil. We understand it is a roleplaying game and that tensions may get high at times, but please stay kind and respectful within the chat. If you have an issue with a player, report them using Roblox’s built-in report feature.
  5. Do not intentionally abuse or exploit bugs within the game to gain an advantage against other players or to harm other player’s experiences. Please use the dedicated Bug Report section within the forum itself so we can improve the game for everyone.
  6. Avoid intentionally breaking roleplay, such as by assisting players of a rival team to gain an unfair advantage over other teams, or breaching SCPs while on non-hostile teams.
  7. Don’t intentionally interfere with other players fun for your own gains such as camping and killing other players at thier spawns via any means.


We do not offer refunds for any purchases unless there is a technical mistake or Roblox requirement. All sales are final.


Our team of moderators, which can be found here , will be patrolling our game servers to make sure rule-breaking stays at a minimum.

Appeals & Questions

If you believe you have been falsely punished or have questions regarding Area - 51: Uprising, send us a message here .

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