The Engineer And The Overlord

Would be nice if O5 Would be for Chaos As The Engineer With an Golden AK and Deagle and For the Class D known as The Overlord For both CD And HCD getting A Stolen Omni And Primary Gun PPSH-41 And Secondary being also a Deagle

chaos getting an o5 is somewhat likely, but class-d getting an o5 varient is highly unlikely

but would be nice tho for Class d

bro which O5 gonna lead CI the hell?

A Betrayed one, that got kicked out and seeks reveng onto the Foundation

Instead of O5 then “Leader” or otherwise would make much more sense, since you don’t keep the O5 rank if you get kicked.
I guess if they used to be then they could also have a special sense ability, since that’d make sense to add to their senseful senses, to detect FP and Foundation O5s

CD doesn’t need an O5. God no.
CI having the Engineer on the other hand is a nice idea. Giving them literal wall hack is not. While I like the idea, I would limit it to either fellow CI and/or CDs, or other O5s only. But also only on a predefined range, not over the entire map.