Suggestion - Teams

Add some teams you can buy with the Ingame credits. Would be a PERFECT way to get people to play and grind the game. Could lock some of the stronger teams behind some High numbers. Would allow it to take awhile to get therefore = Less of them.

That or just give credits a general purpose rather then skins, cause that’s just not an amazing idea.

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Especially with a team like MTF where eventually it will become more overused than SD as it did in the legacy version leading to MTF guarding tests, preventing riots, guarding the CDC, recontaining SCPs and guarding HICOM all in one.

To add to this in MTF’s case, you should get to pick one unit to start off free of charge after purchasing the MTF team with credits, and then if you want to buy another you must pay for it in credits. As only 2 of the teams are free, say you were to select Beta 7 first you would gain access for free, but S-9 would require you to pay a fee of 50 extra credits.

Exactly like this, So you have to get a Ton of credits to get the team and the sub-classes

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