Suggestion - ScD / MD XP gain

ScD - I believe a way to fix the abysmally slow XP grind for ScD, you could add a system where any Class-D that has been authorised by you that dies to an SCP the ScD will gain 10 XP? Not much but it encourages them to test more ScD adding to the fun. Alternatively, the Scientific Department could be given a testing tasks (or just quests) system where if you perform a certain task, you gain a certain amount of XP based on the difficulty and requirements of said task.

MD - I believe a way to fix the slow XP grind of MD would be adding a quests system, similar to the one mentioned previously for ScD, however in a different way where they get a sort of minigame while performing check-ups on Class-D. Such as examining a CD’s features to check for illnesses or SCP diseases from previous tests. (if they have been tested on an SCP which does this)

Overall both features are highly needed, both teams are severely underused and this may be a step in the right direction to get people playing them.

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