Suggestion - O5 Criticisms and suggestions

I know its not exactly finished but as it stands even with all future features the O5 gamepass wont hold up to its legacy from my personal perspective.
A few criticisms I have about the role;

  • You dont gain XP for your respective department because the O5s are their own separate team, the only form of progression you have (as of its current state, unsure of its plans) is that you can still rank up your clearance levels, though no XP will go towards your team as an O5 or as a Department e.g SD. There are no O5 ranks unlike before and as mentioned you dont progress the department you’re playing the O5 role for which may be a major turnoff for people looking to purchase the pass. I’m not sure how this could be fixed because MTF task forces have their own individual teams and I’m sure thats a dumb route to go down in your eyes.

  • The O5s are featureless, it is a new game I understand, and the gamepass was not implemented long before the official release, but there is zero point in playing or buying the gamepass as it stands. ScD/MD cant authorise, combative O5s get no unique weaponry or outfits (outfits is a problem for all O5s really) and the O5s get no real unique features that really sell it as different from playing the base team, e.g: Alarms, Site announcements, that sort of thing.

  • Small building suggestion with regards to the O5 council offices, possibly add some seating around the meeting table and a small common area infront of the glass overlooking the lava pocket, its highly bland. Also the individual offices could do with some small additions like a coffee maker we saw in the Legacy CDC viewing room, or a small desk off to the side to have a 1-1 chat with someone without a monitor in the way.

  • This is probably a known bug but similar to how the CD cells bug out, the O5 council offices randomly like to remove whoever initially took it after a few deaths in some scenarios, unsure what causes this but we then end up spawning by the meeting table next to the exit.

I hope some of these ideas and criticisms are rectified, from what I’ve seen some people share my sentiment, I’d really love to see the team given some glory though. Thank you, sorry for the long read.

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I agree with many of these ideas. I think the O5 team in its current state definitely needs an overhaul. Right now we’re focusing more on fixing bugs, but I think once we finish that stage this will be one of the things we look into first. The O5 gamepass is very expensive and I want for it to be worth the purchase.

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We’re working on some perks for the O5 team and hope to have them in-game for the next update!

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