Suggestion - Nuclear Bunker

There was a reactor meltdown earlier (got saved somehow) and we were in the Breach Shelter (which obviously wasn’t going to help us survive) and I thought, “It’d be nice if there was some kind of a nuclear bunker or something for reactor events”. So yes this suggestion is a nuclear bunker.

Could possibly either be INSIDE the Breach Shelter, or another room perhaps? I would just really like to see this implemented into the game.

There already is a fallout shelter in the game.

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Clearly couldn’t find it then, thanks!

Just in case you’ve yet to know it’s location, it’s near CI cave, following a more sensible path, however, so instead of going straight left, just go a bit right when you leave the facility

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Speaking of the bunker, it needs a slight alteration.

@JusticeGodx @UserAltF4 @Fwogg3r @Neostant
The blast is visible and active within the bunker, it needs to be scaled slightly back such that it passes just outside the bunker in the hallway.

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If I could’ve actually found the shelter, this would’ve been my bug report. Thanks for reporting it :slight_smile: