Suggestion - Allow CI to sabotage the Reactor in some way

Something like C4 that can be used once every (10?) few minutes to give the reactor feature more spice, using this C4 on one of the coolant panels as CI will disable the pump, one person cannot blow up two coolant cells so perhaps do something about preventing people running in, spamming them both and leaving instantly. E&T will need to not only repair the panel or a coolant line, whichever you see as more feasible for CI to blow up, but re-activate the coolant pumps in order to get them back in working order.


I see fit a small minigame for EnT in the scenario of this suggestion being added, ngl.

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Maybe like a sort of connect the dots game where you connect wires (poor reference, but like the among us task) or something like what GTA5 did with the number scramble hack except in a way that seems more code-like rather than password/IP-like