SUGGESTION: Add a team for EA Testers

Im suggesting that we add a team to EA Testers, or give them access to A-1, reason is i think we deserve better than just be given a gun that may do alot of damage, is completely horrible for self defense and combat purposes.

When you bought Early Access you were not paying for an advantage (the Eagle), you were not paying for a team (A-1 as you suggested) and you were not paying for anything else other than access to Area 51 Uprising before it was released.

I think Early Access users do not need a special team just for having bought the game.

Personal opinion, of course.


agree with tato on this, you should be happy for even getting something in the first place


I can’t really say because i bought the game back before the whole damn revamp, but we did pay for access to the game, in which that is now gone since the game is now listed as free, we need something.

also the eagle is anything but an advantage, tell me one person who won in a gunfight with it.

again, you paid access for the game not perks that come with buying EA
if you bought it just for the perks then you shouldnt have bought it in the first place

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My apologies? You’re not only already getting something as a reward (the Eagle + early access badge), but when you bought it you also knew that the game would eventually become free. It’s called “early access” not “full game”, the developers said that once it was done it was going to become free, you were warned and you knew what buying it meant.

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I agree, the eagle is bad, but beggars can’t be chosers. You bought Early Access knowing what you’d receive, none of us could ask for anything more other than being seen as early supporters in badge form.
(buff eagle 3000 petition) :pray:

I bought the game before the game even shutteddown so technically im bought it for a full game

Want me to go pullup the transaction?

or just go buff the Eagle 3000 like the other guy said, if your gonna gift us smth thats meant to be OP dont nerf it, its not like many people are gonna have the Eagle 3000 in the future anyways when the game blows up.

i doubt you did, the game wasnt for sale until after v1 shutdown
even if you did, that does not mean you bought it for a ‘full game’, whatever that means, as v1 and v2 are by all means two completely seperate games that just so happen to share the same development team and gamepasses

honestly, im kinda lost on what your trying to convey here since i cant really understand your thought process at all, nor your english

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The Eagle 3000 was never meant to be OP, it was just a small perk for Early Access users, in fact, it was so unbalanced during release it was nerfed because players complained.

womp womp :cry:

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It was for sale for around 400 robux, near I think December of 2020 I believe.

Area-51 Uprising went up for 400 robux on 2022-03-18T00:00:00Z. If you need proof look at this message from Neostant.

This is the link to the message if you don’t believe my screenshot. Discord

It had been stated from the very beginning that eventually the game would become free. By purchasing Early Access you gained the privilege to play the game before full release, nothing more, nothing less. If you think you deserve A-1 then purchase the A-1 gamepass, but if you only purchase Early Access then Early Access is all you will get.


I don’t see the issue here, you paid for a product that being early access to the game. You were even given a small thank you with that being the badge and Eagle 3000, which while not the best is still a two shot to the head. There was never any mention of special privileges to certain teams upon release. You choose to buy EA and nothing else.