Solitary Confinement

currently there’s nothing stopping cds from just dying, running out of their cell just to murder more… MAKE solitary confinement for mtf/sd level 10+ or something just so it cant be abused


Would be cool. Not level but O5 and IA would do the job

I’m in favor of it being rank decided. Locking it to gamepass only would be unfair to regular players who also want to have some peace and quiet. For SD it could perhaps be locked to a high rank and in MTF it could be locked to S9 HR, A1 MR, and maybe L5 HR. Although I wouldn’t see why L5 or B7 actually needed it, since their main tasks are SCP containment. However, if you really want L5 and B7 to have it too, you could make it HR there as well. O5s would have it unlocked instantly and IA would also have to work to an MR rank to get it, just for fairness’ sake.

I agree with this

I feel like the most balanced way to do this would be completely automated - sent to solitary confinement after 5 deaths to combative or so?

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Most scp games have a manual soltiary system

An automatic solitary system could be evaded, while also eliminating abuse. It would need to be scripted well to eliminate evading it, but aside that a very good idea.