Possible missing gun for IA

Not sure if it was intentional but IA is missing a Honey Badger for any higher ranks. I’m not sure if the lower ranks were never meant to have it or if it’s meant to be this way which doesn’t make sense but still.

oh thats cuz they were too op, they had mop and Honeybadger so yea

too op grind for them

Okay, so you’re wrong in that statement
Higher ranks ARE supposed to have guns

Yea okay but no mop, if they dont got mop its normal cuz of both way grind they can do wich other teams cant really do besides O5 who dosent benefit of ranking up teams he in

If you want the mop to be removed from it just suggest it, this is a bug report.

i think they already did remove mop higher rank and probaly nerfed IA, who knows and mop is already suggested