Part 1: Class - D Cell Area, and the Class-D's

Stuff that’s missing from Area - 51: Uprising for it be the best version of itself, and why Area 51 is better the current version of Area - 51: Uprising

This is Part 1 of many as there are a lot of stuff to talk about, my task here is give feedback and suggest changes for the better experience of the community.

Now to set up some ground rules:

  • First; I want to say that I will be taking my rose tinted nostalgia glasses off for this and only focusing on real stuff that is missing, from the current date version of Area - 51 Uprising

  • Second; I have reached max level on almost every team on legacy version in comparison to
    Area - 51: Uprising, which I have only played for only around 12 hours, so I have a lot more time with the legacy version then the current.

  • Third; This is only my opinion on what needs to be changed for it’s betterment, if you have a different opinion or disagree with the something I make that’s fine am only 1 player in the group of thousands, so what you should do is make a suggestion or replay to this topic with what you would change.

Now let’s get started with the from the Class-D Area and go from there:

  • The current Class-D Cells Area is a dead zone for any combative or personnel coming inside it, what do I mean by that you may ask? Simple any Combative be it Security Department Guard or a Researcher trying to host a test is unable to since as soon as they enter from the briefing area into the Class-D Cells they get gunned downed. The reason behind this is simple most Class-D have guns from either leveling up or having the Hostile Class-D Gamepass which is only 150 Robux for does who didn’t own it from the Legacy Version but having guns here is not the problem the problem here is how the area is setup, with 0 cover for the combative’s and Class-D’s cells 1-3 seconds away from the line, you begin to see why no combative want’s to poke there head there.

Here are some ways to fix this problem.

  • First; Move back the cell area away from the line in a different part of the room but still close for it seem connected look at the 3 latest versions of the Area - 51 Legacy for reference.

  • Second; Add protective cover for combative’s to stand behind so they aren’t siting ducks in the open while in the Class - D cells area. Of course you can mess this up, some examples are: if you make the cover destructible or make them too small or not make in mind to give Combative a way to counter ambushes and a way for Class-D to surprise them.

  • Third; Elevation is key, having second floor with rails for Combative’s is great way to separate the CDC since who ever hold’s them has a advantage, then you might realize that Class-D spawn with elevation in Area - 51 Uprising and you start seeing the problem. Having a second floor for combative’s to stay on with a bit cover would make it easier to hold the Class-D.

  • Forth; Have a few basic signs in the Class - D cell area with the most common asked questions, some are “how do i get a gun”, “how do i get level up / get XP” ,
    “what do i get when i level up” , “what do I do” …

  • Fifth; Having 2 exist ways that don’t lead outside but need a gamepass or staff access is just why? and having vents where there’s only 1 way to exist where the other 2 are dead ends is again just stupid. Having a helicopter to pick you up in the CD Area, maybe is extreme but it was a uncommon event where a group of Class-D’s get to become CI even if it’s for 1 life and everyone rushes to guard the entrance of it or to click the rope.

  • Sixth; Layout this will be a really common line, as a new player, how would I know where to go and why is there a area where Class-D’s can escape but combative’s need to pass the cell area to catch them. Or why have a garden area with 0 use.

Now about the Class-D’s and Hostile Class-D’s

  • First; giving Class-D / Hostile Class-D anything more then a Glock - 17 / 18 or SMG / PDW like MP5K / MP5K is way to overkill, and giving them a shotgun and a LMG is just asking for a unfair fight. ( I don’t want to get into gun balance right now but i will talk about in a later part on how it’s a really really stupid to have 3 shot M4’s in a base kit of MTF. )

  • Second; You need to encourage Class-D’s them with XP and Credits for attending Test’s / Checkups and doing minigames, and letting Class-D’s know that they can get more XP from doing does things then just killing guards, that’s how you make a stable RP scenario.

  • Third; If you want to make Robux have 1 life crazy items that cost Robux / Credits, Juggernaut from Pathos is a great representation on what to do.

For now this is where I will conclude part 1, I will get back to edit this and change stuff based on if I get feedback and to put a link to the other parts as they get made.

Thank you for reading, and for any developers reading this good luck in making the game fun, and thank you for the effort you put into it <3


map is 2 BIG

no its just needs more players in it

Also thank you devs for listening to my suggestion but why is the CDC so big?

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Big long text = big long CDC