Old Teams Re Added

Please Re Add the Old Teams of the Area 51 classic to the new game so people can Roleplay if they want to


Could you specify which teams in particular you were interested in?

Maybe DEA, EC, AD but as you all know these team Goes into FP like every rank in FP such as [Operation Director = ISD] is associated with Department is gone so, It would be FP Sub-division or their own team. [or try add Logistic Department cuz it never been in any non-Serious RP SCP game], And would be cool if there locker that can change our rank and morph.

I agree with EC, AD though kinda can’t see a purpose for DEA, even in roleplay scenarios.
Logistics department would kind of be point-less due to EnT
Could you please explain the FP subdivision part?

I think he means that all these teams are under the umbrella team of FP and when you select FP in the menu you get the option to join one of these teams. Which I like that idea, it’s similar to the MTF selection system.

maybe Logistic Department can Brring or deliver Coolant for EnT or Refill cafeteria, ammunition. or EnT equipment.

For DEA i really thinks it’s isn’t surve any purpose but when the game add some GOIs i think we can find the way to but DEA useful, I been in SCPF Community Long long since my teen .

Mostly i was interrested in that MTF Purple team idk name anymore but that was one of my favorite teams

Sigma-9? Resh-1?

I think it was Sigma-9 but i dont remember @Neostant Can you look into the old classic area 51 teams and find that one with purple shirt and please add and maby other teams from old game too

Sigma 9 is in the new game.


oh well then it was something else i think i also remember the spawn of that team being downstairs or so

Add AD and EC back :pray::pray:

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EC is gonna be reintroduced as a mod team and AD i think is being rebranded to site directorate

Still epic I guess

Or both can exist

No. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Why :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: