O5 Suggestion

We need O5 as a separate team, if not, can there be at least O5 ranks like the old game? Also, O5 needs the old guns.

do you mean separate teams that they all got of their department a special gun or tool like for MD they got Medic box?

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No, just different morphs. And every teams O5 should have its own XP, not global O5 XP. Basically SCP RP o5 system but O5 also has ranks, O5-13 being the worst to O5-1 being the best. Different O5 guns unlock on different O5 levels. Levels can be gained with XP.

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It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide some enhancements or refinements to the suggestion.

I agree that the O5 Member should earn XP for their respective team and have distinct loadouts. However, the concept of ranking them from best to worst is, in my opinion, nonsensical. In fact, such a ranking system doesn’t even exist.

It does. There are 13 O5s and their authority best from worst is 1-13. This is cannon and was included in the past game, and many other SCP games.

We wanted to have a select “Overseer” of each department because it is common in other games in the genre - especially serious rp. It makes more sense roleplay wise to have department overseers instead of incidentally having like 5 people ranked as like “O5-X”

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Thank your for putting it in a language too advanced for me

Do you mean also adding at certain rank Cuffs for O5 because i would be glad them added back to prevent abusers or any kind of rule breaks

Yup. (writing this cuz the text needs to be longer than 10)

This isn’t canon tho. It is never stated that O5-1 has more authority than O5-13. Even O5-X doesn’t have more authority than the others, they, in fact, act more like a representative of the Council for The Administrator. Check the wikidot.

First, O5-X is a roblox SCP thing same thing with RRT so they exist in the extended cannon still existing but not to the majority of SCP readers, second which cannon and which narrative, since I can name 4 where it does say O5-1has more authority or even more authority then The Administrator, in fact there’s some cannons where The Administrator is just a figure head for the O5 council.

Just wanted to say that O5 should have new content Flor playing it too much, like ranks. The system was adapted in SCP: Site roleplay and the old area 51 game. And, in the old game, O5 ranks were;
X can also be in ranks because it was in most SCP games. This is a Lego game, it can only get cannon as it gets before it becomes boring.

as long they add cuffs to A Certain O5 rank is all good

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Yup. Cuffs were so useful and you could not abuse it because 2500 robux is on the line.

The O5 gamepass is 1000 Robux, and even with players abusing it I didn’t find it that big of a problem back on Area - 51 legacy.

Oh. It was 2500 when I got it. Any refund in-game?

Wait are you a mod in SCP RP too I saw you once

Cuffs are among if not THE most abusable item in the game

Yes. But there are heavy consequences.

yea but still even when its 1k robux is robux so cant be abused with so much robux given