MTF Buff or HCD Nerf

As you all know, Hostile CD can Win every MTF right now… Like they escape facility multiple time with much MTF or SD, I personally think, We all Doomed.

Personally I think HCD is fine. MTF is a severe problem, the M4 Elite is incredibly biased, meanwhile the AK-12 is kind of on par. HCD is mostly shotguns and mid SMGs for a few ranks and it takes a good day or two of on and off playing to get to a rifle to finally contend with MTF. MTF get the best rifle in the game at the start when in reality they should get something like an MP5-K. Out of the topic of the discussion but other combative teams get really good weapons too early on and even the P90 is a great weapon in comparison due to its RoF, HCD arent really that powerful but that’s my personal take.

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I can you right now that Combative MTF and SD have way better weapon then HCD and that you just need to group up and wait.

Well then its probaly the Surroundings of foundation to go to CDC are bad for MTF And SD thats why they cant enter really it, its just 1 way in and out for foundation

I think that HCD is fine and compared to the weapons that MTF and SD have they’re underpowered. This is just comparatively and not saying HCD needs a buff but on the SD side they have a hand gun that two taps with a body shot and decent fire right and great range and on the other side you have a shotgun with what feels like inconsistent bullet spread and low fire rate and low range which makes sense because it’s a shotgun.
It more comes down to what side has more people at the time, 5 HCD vs 1 SD is an already determined fight so it’s just a battle of numbers in that case.