mod/Admin Events

Add Events that Only can Admins or Moderators execute Like Scp 682 Breach outside foundation to kill or Scp 001 When Day Breaks Kills anyone going outside or Scp 173 Multiplication wich Multiplies Scp 173 into many Statues cloning itself or something else of scp event only mods or admin can do would be fun event with also rewarding exp and coins


I’m gonna be the first to say it, that sounds awesome. The catch is how easy is this going to be to script/build into the game, answer as someone who does some scripting in their side time, not that easy. This idea is great but the game is fresh and new it might have to wait a while and by then they games premise could have changed entirely.

This isn’t me saying it’s bad, it’s me saying this is very hard. But let’s be honest not many other games do this and it would be an innovative way to make the game more unique.

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