Locker System πŸ”‘

Locker System would be cool, If there Locker System you could change the rank of your team to go back to previous rank and also being able to select clothing like FP uniform, Basically Change your rank and uniform or morph for SD MTF it would be change Morph. Like you are Senior Manager in FP you can change uniform to Janitor (Maintenance Staff) Uniform or change rank entirely.


Pretty good idea I’d say.

We are planning to add a customization system soon ^-^

add detain too?

The detain tool WILL NOT be added, stop trying! :grinning:

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The detain tool must be added you little :grinning:

With the lack of players the detain tool is pretty useless anyway. Most rule breakers aren’t going to stop by being detained too. Just report them to us moderators immediately.

Moronic opinion

I’m glad you finally understand your opinion is, in your own words, β€œ(a) moronic opinion”