Introduce yourself!

Hey there! I’m Neostant, Lead Developer @ Civilous Studios. I’m primarily responsible for Area - 51: Uprising and any other off-site applications like this forum or additional servers.

Feel free to introduce yourself below!

Heyy, I’m Ember! I’m the coolest Moderator @ SCPF Moderation Team. I mainly responsible for Area - 51 Uprising. :smiley:

You should go play it!

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Hello, I’m MostYCF, but you can refer to me as ‘Most.’ I’ve been a member of this SCPF for approximately three years. Currently, I hold the position of Level-4 Executive and serve as the Alpha-1 ‘Red Right Hand’ Task Force Leader. During my time here, I’ve been actively involved with both the Player Council and the Moderation Team. If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to message me. I’ll always provide thoughtful responses!

Hope to see you around! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Guten morgen/tag ich bin Glocked.

Nein, ich nicht spreche deutsch, I just think it’s fun.
Like the ̶s̶m̶e̶l̶l̶y̶ wunderbar person above me, I am apart of the Quality Assurance team, or just Player Council because THAT is considerably cooler.
I’ll be hoping to see you around on Area - 51 Uprising, enemy or otherwise.

Well. This is where I get off. Auf wiedersen. :briefcase:


Hello! I am Miggins. I’m the Overseer of the Ethics Committee at Civilous’ SCPF, however I am also a part of the Moderation Team and Player Council for Area-51 Uprising.

Hopefully I’ll see you around on Area-51! And if I don’t I hope you have a nice day! :smile_cat:

hello i am THOMAS dictator of the engineering & technical department for the main scpf, Moderator & Player Council for Area-51.
hope to ban you someday

Hello I am 1icezombie, the super duper cool overseer of the engineering and technical department for the big guy, civilous’ scp foundation. I’m also a member of the player council and moderation team for the roleplaying site Area 51 uprising. my amazing director thomas has all the links that I’m too lazy to put in

beware of ember

i am the best o5

I’m Civilous


I’m ItsTato, player council :muscle::muscle: member (its QA but its cool anyways just trust me on that one)
I test the game before the weekly Friday update happens and try to make sure no bugs slip past along-side my fellow player council chads.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Hello, I am UserAltF4, otherwise known as mesemi, and I am a programmer for Civilous Studios & Civilous’ SCPF. I mainly work on Area - 51: Uprising, however I also work on off-site projects such as VerificationX, and the current Application Center for Civilous’ SCPF. I am also currently the Administrator of the Moderation Team for Area - 51: Uprising.

Feel free to shoot me a PM for any questions related to development or the Moderation team! :smiley:


I’m Spocky29, or Spocky, which you prefer. I’m currently a helper in the moderation team.
I’m unavailable to be messaged via Discord to avoid bots, scams, and so on.
If you need me, you can either find me in-game at times or message me over the forum, if you have the trust level to do so.
Other than that, enjoy your time here.

Spocky, out.