I'm leveling up to Moderation Team

Once you reach Omni team the level bar shows that Moderation Team is the next user-achievable level, which makes no sense

I don’t think it will give you XP to count towards that, but it’s the next clearance rank. As mods would have more access to closed-off stuff.

That’s why it’s on the bug reports category?

This is correct. You are not able to level up once you get to level 6+, so it’s not a major issue, but I will see if I can modify the menu to not display. For future reference:

  • -2 CE
  • -1 CD
  • 0 L0
  • 1 L1
  • 2 L2
  • 3 L3
  • 4 L4
  • 5 L5
  • 6 Omni
  • 7 Moderation
  • 8 Administration

This should be fixed as of next Friday’s update.