Hostile Class D Rework

Primary: AK-12 (any ak)
Secondary: Glock-18
Stolen Keycard: Level 3 (so to open Gates to escape)

Is this for all ranks or just some of the top ranks?
In that first scenario, an AK-12 for all ranks seems severely overkill (like the M4 Elite is for MTF)
Stolen keycard would be a nice addition, as a severe problem with HCD is being stuck in the CDC unable to actually escape, even if you take the vents/sewers.

For all ranks that seems overkill, but I agree that the current selection of guns for the HCD is extremely underpowered. A shotgun is good for defending a choke point and not pushing forwards into a group of enemies. But giving them all an AK-12 is a bit extreme. The first one just being a Glock-19 is ok then after that is should be a SMG then so on and so forth in automatic weapons.

AK-12 higher ups

That’s how it is now.

oh okay lol

Adding Stolen Radio to communicate with Chaos Insurgency at rank 4 of HCD

Ok that actually sounds like a cool idea. And kinda makes sense. If you can get a hold of guns what makes you think you could snag a radio as well.