Highest bounty

When someone kills a Helper theyre exp bounty will be increased 10+, If they kill a Moderator they get 15+ exp bounty, when they kill an Administrator They get 20+ bounty, Killing a Developer will get them 25+ bounty and Killing the owner himself getting a bounty of 50+ exp as highest bounty

Legit would just encourage people to troll staff when they’re trying to moderate and forget to god themselves

Yeah, staff are non combatant

but still bounty would be nice

its like a Lecture for staff to God themselfs and Bounty exp for those who killed you

moronic idea


Chill the mods just tryna do their job while everyone shooting at them

then someone needs suggest then a mod room

problem solved

craziest idea I’ve ever heard


well Area 02 has mod room so why not also area 51

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A staff room is nice but honestly a complete waste of time. The time you need to teleport yourself and the rule breaker and also freeze them again is the time you need to tell someone what they’ve done wrong.
Regardless of that, I think that if a mod team is introduced, the mod team’s spawn can be used for that exact purpose.

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Fr, the suggestions get quirky at 3am

About that i think they said EC will be The mod team and i found out we can Open their doors, idk wich is but something omni+ that i got, so when adding ec spawn for mods that gotta fix door clearence

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I wonder why the doors aren’t locked… maybe because the team isn’t actually available yet?

Probably. .

well why they plan add that team and still dident lock doors, maby they wont add it after all

If you plan a team, you prepare for it, but if it’s not yet actually added, why restrict its spawn to it already?