Discord Mods/Admin roles

Add to discord Mods/Admin roles to give out as Moderator of area 51 or Admin of area 51 so we know who to call about exploiters or hackers or even glitch/bug abusers

If you are to encounter exploiters, hackers, or glitch abusers please refer to the in-game built-in report system, designed for all your reporting needs!

It can be found by the button with a flag emoji (:triangular_flag_on_post:) near the menu button.

In it, you very simply select the offending user plus the reason for being reported, and boom! Moderators will be informed.

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I mean critical crisis when they like break whole game or teleporting fast killing idk just something game breaking or ruin game so we can dm them

If you really feel like whatever is happening is that game-breaking, dm an admin then

but idk who is an admin since in discord all Level marked

And also ingame report Dosent have Exploiter/Hacker Option

The ones with the “Developer” role are your best option

Those options do exist and are highlighted below:

oooh but i dont think many people understand that its this how you report hackers with blacklisted modifications or even abusing game breaking glitcher, btw are you a mod or admin in area 51?

If it is not understandable enough, do feel free to drop a suggestion on how to improve!

As for your question, I am not a helper, not a moderator, and especially not an admin. Only a player council member, which is quality assurance more commonly known as game testers.

Anybody ranked “Developer” on the main SCPF discord server should be able to get you into contact or is who you need to contact in a situation like this - otherwise, use the in-game report functionality.

Or if you feel that you desperately need a staff member, sometimes we are also online here, on the forum. If you have the permissions, you can try and message us here. The best option would still be contacting a developer, they will forward you and/or your concern appropriately.

Still would be best on Discord the Roles of Mod or admin of area 51 so i can faster contact than the devs since the devs probaly sometimes busy and dont want to get pinged


Contact any of these people if you have safety concerns.

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ah thank you

some but not all of them i can contact