CI Classes

Divide CI into Classes, The breacher: if you guys add tunnel and Walls that can be destroyed with C4 make the breacher class that way to detonate but E&T Can repair after certain time, The Assault: Light and Normal Class of CI nothing really special, The Chaotic: Runs 2x faster than normal classes light gun that does low damage but dont worry as long he run he can run out bullets he will be the class that will be hated, The Medic: like Medical Department but with gun and works for ci, The Juggernaut: A Class that requires a Certain rank And Has Global Cooldown of 30 Minutes, Has minigun And Cant be healed by medic, Is slow and Quite tanky to be destroyed with (Health of devs would think he could survive at least 4-5 minutes long) and A Secondary Big Shield to Shield his allied CI and friends from damage but only limited time.

Good ideas but no. You would need to change up MTF abilities too then and that for sure won’t happen. It would just buff CI unnecessarily anyway. CI is CI and that’s that.

atleast Breacher Class, this one could be usefull

CI is already a paid team, it would only be fair to give the entirety of the team C4 at a certain rank instead of adding a “sub-class” to the team. I’m not even quite sure how you’d unlock that in a fair matter.

Or you could additionally make a CI dealer that sells C4 and there could be some C4 to take for high ranks every x minutes, perhaps once an hour five or six C4s spawn and they only regen after 60 minutes. (The counter starts only once all C4s have been taken.)

seller is also good since anything to just blow up stuff in the game