CDC Lockdown System

Add In Control room a Button to Lockdown CDC for 3 Minutes with Cooldown of 20 Minutes and when Pressed a Giant Wall will Come Down Blocking only path In and Out For Foundation ofcourse the CDC Can still escape vent and Sewers but that they cease the rioting mostly

Too op for any team to have

Just gonna be for Level 4+ okay? and maby add this when you Adding Administrative department or if you do idk about this decision

Instead of Level 4+ I think Administrator+ would be better

the rank of the team yes

No, I mean being an admin of v2.

heck nah real admins too high rank then make it O5 or so only

Ok, you win, game developer or higher

-_- O5+ only

Simply too abusable to be given to actual players

But they pay to be O5 so i dont think they would abuse it with 1k robux

Just too expensive to lose

You would be surprised, buddy