Ban appeal Cheating

User: RobloxKafa_YT
I am really sorry for using wallhacks. I am the first person to get banned in this game and I am deeply sorry for cheating.

You sure ur sorry Cheater? :clown_face::clown_face:

Yea. Also I can no longer cheat cuz the new Hyperion update. I am sorry.

DM a Builder Dev who developed the map and tell them your sorry, they created the map and you just use wall hacks to get thru

That is not how it works.

This post is in the ban appeals category already, staff will review this post soon so there’s no need to dm an admin.
Also, if you are not going to engage in productive conversation I don’t see the need to reply to this thread

When will they review tho its been a lot

mods most lazy, i know the usual kind of mods and them seem be lazy i think they review it at free times like holiday

They wont review anytime soon and I can easily write an unban cheat

They will review it eventually.
Their lives don’t fully revolve around lego game moderation.

It will be a month until they do so, and the thread will lock

That’s probably intentional. And the Administrators can bypass the post lock anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Just be patient and wait for them to review the appeal.

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Okay thanks for telling

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