Autherize Circle

I saw a CD when i tested him quite being far away when i ran forward and i fear ppl might abuse a kind of bug/glitch so please add a Autherized class d Circle to be in safe near Scientist if they leave it they will be turned automaticly terminate

Area-47 system Wowowowowo

aint area 47 system with braclet that shocks you if you go too far from scientist?

because this is diffrent than area 47

While I agree that we need a system to unauthorize a Class-D if they run far away from the one who authorized them, I feel that a big circle on the ground around the MD or ScD creates unnecessary confusion, especially for new players. The way most games do it is just a straight line from the host to the CD which’s color changes depending on how far the CD is away from the host. The most optimal way would probably be UI-only elements on the host’s and CD’s screen that say e.g. “Your Class-D is far away from you. They will be terminated if they go further.” or “You are far away from your host. You will be terminated if you distance yourself further.”

as long they unautherize when trying abuse the autherize to run to escape i agree with you

Just atleast anything put there to limit their space of distance and cant escape while autherized