Area - 51: Uprising v1.0.2 Changelog

October 5th, 2023

:heavy_check_mark: Additions

  • Authorization option added for ScD team to test on Class-D Subjects (will be for md too … eventually)
  • Chaos Insurgency now recieve a minimum of Level - 3 clearance while on team.

:x: Removals

  • N/A

:hammer_and_wrench: Changes

  • Entrance Zone Lighting Changes & Checkpoint remasters

  • Intelligence Agency is now properly locked behind a gamepass.

  • Darker uniform variants while on the Mobile Task Forces

  • More Eagle 3000 balance changes

  • Replaced SCP-323 with SCP-CLOWN, 323, 035, 008 and 049 will be re-implemented when we have a working zombie system in the upcoming week(s)

:bug: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed weird clearance interactions with teams and moderation/player council
  • Fixed meltdown spawning you in CD cells hopefully :crossed_fingers:
  • Fixed Morph/Armor system - it should give you armor now.
  • Added a second spawn for teams with only one to prevent spawning above the map in most cases
  • XP recieved for kills has been fixed.
  • Fixed SCP-457 Console Audio Errors :slight_smile:

:construction: Work in Progress

:clock1: Long Term

  • CDC Revamp

:stopwatch: Short Term

  • Door Rework

  • CD Chat fix

  • Rank Up Morphs/New Morphs

  • CD Riot Event

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