Add ISD to the Poll

Add ISD to the poll:

First off you might be asking isnt ISD and IA the same thing? No they are different in their jobs.

IA: They gather intel and information on GOI (CI) and track down wild SCP’s.

ISD: They interigate Rogue personel, betrayers and spies. They also deal with internal threats either physically or online.

Now ISD used to be in the original game and they didnt put much effort into ISD and they basically made it the same loadout as IA even thoe ISD cost an extra 150 robux, so they should redo ISD’s modle and loadout

Loadout for ISD:
Primary: MP5 or any SMG
Secondary: Sclience pistol
Tool: Arrest ( traps people in interigation room for 2 mins that have cuased a breach or something)
Keycard: Level-4
Mele: Baton

As for the modle i am fine with anything that isnt too similar to the IA modle.

ISD Atleast should be in the poll for a chance

About arrest tool they should be given at certain point of rank since of may be abused like at 4th or 5th rank

Im not sure what aresenal you want to give ISD but im open to suggestions

ISD would bring basically nothing new to the table.

Whilst its roleplay function defers from that of IA, it doesn’t actually add any new content to the game.

It was very said in 51v1 that ISD was a more expensive IA, which would still hold true if it were to be added into v2. For now, at least, I think it shouldn’t be added. Perhaps in the future.

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Aight make ISD then Guard Checkpoints and be checkpoint guards