A51:// systemated report #002

The constant camping of the transfer rooms between the CDCZ and the atrium by combatants has become rather irritating, so I’d like to suggest a way to remedy this issue.

When it comes time to revamp the CDCZ, all the rooms that enter into it should be converted to hallways, with 0 space between the walls and the sides of each doorway. That way, there is no reason for combatants to camp this area. To circumvent the eventuality that the combatants simply move back to the atrium and camp there, a hallway should be added between the atrium and the CDCZ that allows escaping CDs to access the sectors. That leaves combatants with no other option than to guard the CDCZ. I have prepared a small sketch to visualise my idea.

All the walls past the highlighted areas should be moved to be in line with the sides of the doors.


It’s horrible on either side of the spectrum.
CD cant escape any way other than the sewer vents which people rarely actually know about (they’re at the back of the CDC in the cafeteria) and then the vent on the 3rd floor which has one exit people from what I’ve observed love to camp too.
And then on the FP side, combatives can barely ever make it up when CD end up having to camp the other end of the hallway, and non-combatives are better off avoiding the area entirely as to not die.

My personal take on changing it would be the return of having two briefing rooms but with the CDC design that most likely isn’t possible. Or maybe an alternative hallway in the atrium that leads directly to the viewing room but that’s just sort-of the way legacy was with the elevator and stairs to the 2nd floor VA.