A51:// systemated report 001

This will be my first of many reports on how the game could be improved, based on the grievances of other players and myself.

|> To start, the most glaring issue is the gun balancing: All the starting guns, barring the Glock-18, are woefully unbalanced. The M4 does way too much damage and shoots to quickly. It is frankly a high rank weapon in its current state, and yet the entry level MTF ranks get it. The P90 has too much ammo, it acts basically like an LMG with 60 rounds. In addition to that, it shoots very quickly and does no small amount of damage. Sigma-9 should also receive the M4 instead of the AUG A3 as it’s starter weapon, the AUG A3 is quite powerful however this could be offset by making it an HR weapon. The Honey Badger is very powerful, however this could be offset by making only accessible to the highest ranks in the combative teams. The Honey Badger is a very, very expensive weapon in real life so this would make sense.

|> Progression: I am aware that there will be a morph update in the coming weeks to reflect the progression of all teams, however that is not a gameplay-affecting issue. What is a pressing issue is the lack of firearm progression in all the teams. HCD does not receive a weapon change until the fifth rank, which is unacceptable. Here is my suggestion for the HCD weapon progression: G18 → MP5K → MP5 → AK-12 → M4 → Honey Badger. (I don’t know how many ranks there are for HCD.)
Just as well, here is what I suggest to be the progression for all task forces (except L-5):
MP5 (good to start off with ‘weak’ gun) → M4 (must be nerfed first) → M4 again → G36C → AUG A3 → Honey Badger (others can be messed around with but HB should be the final weapon)

|> MTF and SD spawn: The combatant spawns are very close to the CDCZ, as such it is practically impossible to overrun the combatants then make a good escape through the entrance doors as they simply meet you in the atrium. I believe MTF should spawn within the heavy containment zone to offset the powerful weapons and ‘cool morphs’ they will get. SD should be allowed to spawn slightly closer, but nowhere near the main atrium.

|> Currently players on the Foundation Personnel team are invading the CDCZ and killing CDs as they see fit, not even in self defense. They are basically acting as combatives. There should maybe be some incentive to not kill CDs in non-self defense situations, or maybe they should lose XP for killing in non-self-defense situations.

I will be adding more to this should I see it fit.

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Thank you for your feedback, Systemated. We will be taking all of these concerns to heart in our upcoming updates.

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(we will not be listening to this)

Here is the old 51 loadouts, Names of Ranks and few other things.

Note: Health and some loadout are incorrect, since this is a old list.

I feel as though if another gun that’s an issue with the deagle, it’s unlocked at high ranks yes but it’s still OP to be unlockable by security.